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A Quarantine Love Affair

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Dear admin, 

I just want to share my story.

I’ve been in many failed relationships. I randomly ask myself where I went wrong with my past romances. Now, my problem is the trust issue. I don’t trust men easily these days. If someone likes me or shows some signs of affection, I started quickly detaching myself from him. I don’t want any more dramas in my life.

But seriously, after years of not being in a relationship, I started longing to be with someone, talking to someone late at night, exchanging jokes and long messages, giving bits of advice and cheering him up for the next days ahead, eating and traveling together, movie dates, so on and forth Until there was one guy who consistently expressed his intentions to me via chat. He likes me; yes, I know he did. Most of his friends would chat with me, telling me that, “Hey friend! Common! Give (name) a chance. He is sincerely in love with you”.

Then, I started investing my time talking and trusting someone knowing that he was frank with his intentions and would hold me for some time. Since it was quarantine days when we started chatting, we literally talked most of the time. Our video call would last 6-8 hours a day, although we have different time zones. Days passed, we continued having this kind of setup. Doing Video calls after he wakes up and before he sleeps. He constantly updating me on his whereabouts and what he would do during the day. Honestly, I love what he’s doing for me. I didn’t ask him to do this all for me, but he did. I felt like he really valued me, my presence, and everything.

My entire family already knew of our love affair. Actually, they have already given him a blessing to come over to our house once he got here in the Philippines.

I love sharing my dreams with him.

Also, I like the fact that he wants to share his future with me. We were already planning things ahead for our family. Like literally, I was in owe. It was May 2020 when we were officially together. 

But there were also things I didn’t want. This guy usually spends a lot of time with friends. He’s not a religious man; that’s really an entire quite deal with my family.

He is usually bad-mouthing. But I accept all of his flaws because I am willing to make him a better man if we are together or once he gets here in the Philippines.

Months passed, our call time started to decrease. From 6-8 hours a day to 1-2 hours a day or less. But he told me the reasons why. According to him, since he will leave his station soon and his flight is approaching soon, he wants to spend so much time with friends. And I understand that. Once he already updated me on his whereabouts, it was already fine with me. I’ll just wait for him to come over to his bed and for his call.

I knew that something wrong was going on. So, I asked him. I asked him what had suddenly changed and coldness. He has seen my message. Omg! He’s typing. I’m starting to feel nervous because it took him some time to construct his message. And when I received it, bang, he told me that he was not ready yet. He’s not prepared to give up his vices and what he usually does for a day. And I was like? Okay, Fine! Back to square one!

I was really hurt!

This is for you, man! Why didn’t I see that coming? I never asked you to go over my life. Never did I ask you to express your intentions to me and make me fall in love. I have been happy with my life since you came. You ruined my peace and my happiness. You ruined everything. I gave you my 100% trust, but you just ended up breaking it. I was wrong to trust a man like you. You left me to wonder why, what went wrong with us, with me. But thank you, thank you because I can move on as quickly and completely as you can. 

Thank you for making me stronger again, for not staying long in my life, and for believing my purpose.   Thank you that I’m no longer have any energy to any forced conversations and interactions because of You.  I am wise now and will continue to be. 

To all the ladies who have gone through the same thing, if someone just simply left you, ghosted you, or whatever the case may be, if he is becoming cold, no more time with you, left you wondering and kept you questioning your worth, that is an incredibly loud message that he does not have what it takes to have a mature and healthy relationship with you.

The only thing you can do at this point is to keep your dignity and sanity and let them leave. It’s his loss, not yours.

Recognize that the guy was not worth your time or energy and that it is better that it happened sooner than later. Maintain an open heart and keep focus. God will let you meet the right person, treating you with the respect and love you deserve.

Yours truly,


Image from New York Times/Google

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