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Dear Future Boaz,

            Greetings to the one God has prepared for me. Always remember that I am praying for you. Even though we haven’t figure out each other yet, I know that the Lord is preparing both of us. If this isn’t the time God has ordained for us to meet, please be patient, love. And if you are from my circle of friends, please pray.

            It is my desire to be with someone He equipped to be my partner. It gives me a giddy feeling whenever I think of finally meeting you. While we are waiting for His perfect time, let’s first work on being each other’s BEST.


            Love, wherever you are, I hope that you’ve found your identity in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17) . Where there is a renewal of spirit and a desire to please our God. Please establish your relationship with Him as I am also working with mine. Let’s cultivate the covenant we have with God through Jesus Christ. On which by Him we know the true meaning of love.


            In Psalm 141:2 NIRV,  May my prayer come to You like the sweet smell of incense. When I lift up my hands in prayer, may it be like the evening sacrifice. Humble prayers are like aroma in God’s throne of grace. Love, do not forget to pray. As we ask Him of the things we need every day, we must also plea for His perfect will for both of us. Let us water our prayer life because in due time our flowers will bloom.


            You will meet many girls in a while, but be guarded of your own standard, love. You may be in the hands of the wrong girl for now and are experiencing being heartbroken. Take heart! He will mend your broken pieces.  In the meantime, may we delight ourselves first in the Lord? Surely He will grant the desires of our hearts. (Psalm 37:4)


            Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.  (Proverbs 24:27). Love, before entering into a relationship or pursuing marriage, let’s consider our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental readiness.  Let us do our part for our own families and career. By the time we are both stable, we can build our own home and enjoy the labors of our hands.

I am rooting for you, am always will.

You could be thousands of miles away or just a neighbor. A friend I met for a long time or a stranger I’ll meet in a few days. A tall and handsome guy or a humorous one who will make me smile, perhaps.

             Love, I want you to grow in the love of God that when we cross paths, we will love each other differently, in a way how God has loved us.  Our love story is written by a Sovereign and Powerful Being who seeks to give the BEST for His children. That is to say, my heart is in full trust that the Lord will bind us. It will create tantalizing twists and become great testimony for those who will also wait for their BEST.

I think of you this morning. I’ll whisper you in prayer tonight.

I’ll love you with the love of our Lord.

Ps. A divine shift will come…

                                                                                                            With all my love,

                                                                                                                         Your Ruth

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