Rebuilding your Self-Worth: A Must Have

You’ve probably heard phrases like self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance before. Even though they sound more likely the same, each one has a distinct function. These concepts explain our thoughts, feelings, and actions toward ourselves. This gets us to the most fundamental “self-” idea of all: self-worth. We felt it was critical to address […]

MEDITATION: Means to Cultivate Your Spirituality

Do you sense that you are connected to your spiritually-like self from deep within, yet are continuously distracted by the stress in your lives? Do you want your inner call to align yourself? Will you have more meaning in your life and get insight from your spiritual leaders and professors on your journey? Meditation is […]

The Pain of Missing Someone

I’m already aware of what you’re about. I’m sure you already miss someone, or that you’re in a relationship where you’re wondering what it’s like to miss that person. Isn’t that why you clicked on this article? The desire that comes from missing someone can range from mild sadness to pain, depending on the connection […]


We all desire to be our best at all times, but many people think that when someone has reached adulthood, you need to be a better person. The response is a loud yes. There are always ways to be at your best even right now. However, this statement leads to further questions. What’s the best […]


Life without limitation is not the term unconditional love. It implies, “I freely offer you my affection unconditionally.” This means that we offer it without expecting in return. It is crucial in our relationships to offer this kind of unconditional love. Otherwise, with “cords attached” we offer affection. This causes asymmetries in power and control. […]


Love is one of the main reasons a person continues in life. When it comes to love, some people would say it is one of the most important human emotions.  If you want to be happy, being able to feel love is vital. There are others, though, who do not value love. Some people care far […]

Have a Healthy Kind of Friendship

We lived in a society where stress, pressure, haste, and restlessness exist that puts a high place on romantic relationships. This world we lived in intends to put pressure on us that finding the right one is the key to one’s happiness and fulfillment.  However, when we look into a deeper perspective, it’s our friends […]

Insure Your Most Valuable Asset – YOU!

We often insure our cars, homes, and other valuables on a regular basis. Nothing, on the other hand, is more important than yourself and your ability to earn a living. So, it makes good sense to protect your most important asset, which is YOU! We all want to attain financial stability at some point in […]


Toxic people may occur in anyone’s life; they might be your manipulative boss, a vindictive friend, a negative relative, insecure colleagues, high school and college cliques, and so on. They might be reacting out of fear of change, or they could be feeling insecure and disturbed by your successes.

Taking Care of Mental Health amidst the Pandemic

Every one of us has been greatly affected by the global pandemic. Our daily routines, our work, our studies, our economy, and our social life, everything now is different from what we were used to doing before the pandemic took over our lives.  Locking ourselves inside our homes during quarantines, observing protocols, and being cautious […]