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MEDITATION: Means to Cultivate Your Spirituality

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Do you sense that you are connected to your spiritually-like self from deep within, yet are continuously distracted by the stress in your lives? Do you want your inner call to align yourself? Will you have more meaning in your life and get insight from your spiritual leaders and professors on your journey? Meditation is the answer to all your questions.

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.” – Amit Ray

 “Meditation” is derived from the Latin word meditari, which means “to engage in contemplation or reflection.” 

Many people practice meditation to relieve stress and quiet their minds. But the advantages of tuning into what many ancient writings dubbed the “still small voice” go far beyond creating more inner tranquillity.

Meditation is a journey that takes you to the depths of who you truly are, bereft of all your perceptions.

Whether you call it prayer, personal reflection, or simply calm thinking, you may substantially improve every aspect of your life by meditating for only a couple of minutes each day.

When we meditate daily, we generate a chance to perceive what is immediately before us and start to see and think beyond the frenzied and frequently stimulating world around us.

One of the best advantages of meditation is that it applies to people of all religions. No matter if it’s Buddha or Christ, your chosen god, or if you don’t belong to any religion. To reassemble your spirituality means to acquire awareness, observation, and openness to make your higher selves viable. 

Giovani Deinstman (2016) summarized the elements implied in spiritual well-being. These elements include: (1) the search for meaning, purpose, and direction of life, (2) connectedness, unitedness, love toward the infinite power (God), (3) the growth of wisdom, (4) a search of absolute truth, (5) attempts to address the suffering or happiness/peace, (6) efforts to unravel a mystery of life, and (7) generate “a servicing taste”. By understanding these broad 

elements then spiritual well-being cannot be defined with a simple and short sentence.

People can call a spiritual encounter divine or transcendental or just a deeper sense of life and connection. Many may find their spiritual life interconnected with a church, temple, mosque, or synagogue.

Studies demonstrate that we can tap into our actual source – the powerful source of all – and experience connectivity to all things when meditating.

According to Dr. James Fisher, an American psychiatrist points out that spiritual well-being represents an indication of the quality of the life of individuals in the spiritual aspect or simply a sign of their spiritual health. 

By meditation, if we are connected to our spirituality, we cease to feel like a separate being. Meditation allows us the opportunity to walk outside our ego, to distance ourselves from the constraints, tensions, and commitments of our lives, and to align with a place inside ourselves that we never need. No matter what your spiritual practice is, meditation is of the same value to everybody — a source of connection for self-love, and for all to be compassionate.

Here are the effects of Meditation in cultivating Spirituality:

More love and forgiveness

The more love and forgiveness you can practice, the more inner peace and enjoyable and productive connections you will experience within yourself!

Meditation also allows you to release hate and resentment – a significant lesson for personal development.

When you think about your connections and discover how to sustain them, you free yourself, expand and develop energy into your best version.

More intention and enthusiasm

Did you ever ask how your passion could be found?

When you want to calm your mind, you are more easily able to inform your soul about your true call. You are more likely to tell your soul.

This will help you continue to build a happy expression of your highest aim and to feel more inspired and enthusiastic along the road!

Improved presence and attention

Meditation is a great means of exercising awareness.

You’ll continue to see how your thoughts and feelings move about in particular patterns through persistent meditation.

If you meditate frequently, you will experience more completeness, happiness, trust, and peace of mind in all areas of your life.  

Less Stress

We are not really to dive into difficult science things, we are just going to transform your brain using meditation. When you meditate, the connections in some neuronal traits are loosened while others are strengthened. This enhances your ability to handle stressful situations and enables the brain portion that deals with reasoning.

Healthy well-being

Stress is a big concern and is frequently physically manifested. However, meditation also helps to cuts and dry medical problems. “The relaxation response [by meditation] helps to raise your metabolism, drop blood pressure, and improve your heart rate, breathing, and brain waves,” a cardiologist who has worked with you for decades. “The relaxation response helps to increase metabolism, reduce pressure, and improve cardiac velocities, breathing, and brain waves,” said Herbert Benson, MD, a cardiologist who has studied meditation health effects for decades. “

Even more Compassionate

Meditation studies have revealed higher empathy and compassion in those that do so daily than persons that do not. 

More Productive

In excellent news, meditation increases your capacity to resist distracting urges. And if you’re able to resist TV shows an hour or two, you’re way more likely to achieve your actual goals sooner.

Better Sleep

A new study by the American Medical Association’s Journal has indicated that carefulness meditation enhances sleep quality and can assist to combat insomnia. As a result, you are more equipped to block all the needless ideas that keep you awake, at the present.

Why are not more people meditating? 

Even if many have heard about the various benefits of meditation, there is no way many people have done it because they believe that it’s ‘very difficult,’ or because they feel that for an hour they have to sit in an uneasy quiet.

 Try to sit five to ten minutes outdoors in your backyard, breathe deeply, experience the silence, contemplate your challenges, goals, and dreams, it can impact your lives greatly.

By allowing oneself silence every day, you will most probably start to get more opportunities to live with, resulting in a much freer, more complete, and expanded experience.

You probably won’t be an expert the first time you attempt it, just like learning to cook. It takes work to drive from your mind all the useless ideas and focus on the moment. The trick is to stick to it and know that it’s better for you.

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