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The Pain of Missing Someone

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I’m already aware of what you’re about. I’m sure you already miss someone, or that you’re in a relationship where you’re wondering what it’s like to miss that person. Isn’t that why you clicked on this article?

The desire that comes from missing someone can range from mild sadness to pain, depending on the connection and how long you’ve been away. Missing your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, or someone close to you is a very natural emotion when being apart from them. You never expected someone to leave or being separated from you. Having that certain special someone add to this, is something that we can easily grow attached to. You never plan to ever miss that person, because that person is never someone that you’d expect to miss.  You probably knew that they will always be there for you, right?

They may or may not be present at all times. Sometimes they just go from your life, leaving only their memory behind. You might not notice at first, but by the time the loss of their presence has fully sunk in, it’s too late and you can’t cope. You can’t always get them back, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

People leave from time to time. They leave for a number of causes and in a variety of ways. They begin to move away. They are no longer interested in becoming a part of our life. We inflict pain on them or they cause pain in us, and they escape. Your paths separate when circumstances alter. 

And, when you stop to think about it, missing someone is like missing a piece of yourself. With that person, you miss yourself. You don’t like who you’ve become as a result of what they’ve done to you. You came to life. You were thrilled, charmed, and overjoyed. You evolved into the finest version of yourself.

Then all of a sudden, you weren’t yourself. Suddenly, you were transformed into someone you didn’t recognize. You can’t think well, and your body aches for sleep. From the outside, you look to be fine, but your mind is screaming in ways you’ve never heard before. You can’t even assist yourself since you’re paralyzed and stressed.

You’re driving down the highway, listening to any sad songs, slowly losing yourself because, in truth, you’ve lost a piece of yourself because you’ve lost someone you care about. 

Missing someone is like seeing a four-year-old child lose their mom in the midst of a shopping mall. That vulnerable point in time. That terrifying time. All you want to do is weep and hope that a stranger would come to your rescue and guide you back to your rightful place. It’s as sharp as a fucking knife.

Finally, and this is my personal opinion, when you miss someone, you are missing a piece of yourself. Take a glance around and realize there is so much more of you to adore and so little of you to miss. Because the rest of the world was moving on while you were trapped behind that crumbling door.

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